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The best alternative to a blanket

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Safety during sleep

SindBag eliminates the risk of the baby’s head getting accidentally covered during sleep. The neck opening has been designed to prevent the baby’s head from getting inside the bag, at the same time leaving enough room for comfortable breathing.

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Comfort and freedom

The SindBag sleeping bag with feet allows for complete freedom of movement, at the same time ensuring that your little ones remain snug and warm.

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The Merino wool used in the sleeping bag provides warmth, at the same time allowing for free air circulation which prevents overheating. Regardless of the temperature in the room, the baby’s skin stays warm and dry.

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Fire safety

Sindbag is flame resistant – unlike other synthetic solutions, it guarantees safety in case of an emergency. You can sleep soundly!

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The SindBag sleeping bag with feet is hypoallergenic, silky soft and delicate even for atopic skin. The materials used hold GOTS/Oeko-Tex certification of the highest standard.

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Easy to use

The diagonal zip allows both boys and girls to use the potty or toilet without the necessity of taking the bag off.

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Easy care

Made of 100% antibacterial Merino wool, SindBag doesn’t require frequent washing. It also doesn’t absorb outside odours. When needed, however, it can be easily cleaned in the washing machine.

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Clever solutions

The design allows for the legs to be pulled down to keep little feet tucked in and little toes comfy and warm.

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Full mobility

The special seat belt openings allow the sleeping bag to be used in buggies or car seats.

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Dedication to detail

Our product has been designed with particular attention to the tiniest detail: it offers protection against skin irritation caused by the zip, it has exceptionally quiet velcro fasteners, a nickel-free zipper pull and no tags.

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The SindBag sleeping bags with feet combine the most delicate Merino wool with organic cotton, making them fully natural and biodegradable.

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Economical solution

The Sindbag sleeping bag with feet has been designed to be used for two years. This is more than 1000 nights!