etyka i odpowiedzialność marsupiale

Ecological and ethical

Apart from enjoying your child’s improved sleep at home, on walks or when travelling, DreamBags offer one more reason for parents to be happy. Together with us you help care for the environment as well as good working conditions for people and animal welfare.

We only use sustainably-sourced, certified Merino wool from eco-friendly farms which prioritise animal health and welfare. The sheep live on clean and free-from-pollution pastures and are sheared annually in a friendly, ethical and safe way.

The organic cotton which we use is free from harmful chemical substances and pesticide-free cotton farming helps local communities live healthier lives.

All our suppliers hold GOTS and Oeko-tex certificates, which confirm their adherence to the highest standards during each stage of production.

Merino wool and cotton are natural products. So is our packaging and any additional elements. We only use natural materials which are fully biodegradable and safe for the environment.

Our sleeping bags are sewn in Poland, in Łódź to be precise, which enables us to continuously monitor the quality of production and ensure the highest standards of working conditions.

By choosing Marsupiale products you help us take care of the world in which your child will grow!