Sleeping bags by Marsupiale

We know all the secrets of good sleep!

Not everyone sleeps as well as we do. Continuous vigilance and worries regarding the safety and comfort of babies and small children can seriously interfere with and have a detrimental effect on parents’ sleep. Often, the children themselves don’t fare much better. It can take hours before they finally fall asleep and the sleep itself can be very light and easily broken.

DreamBags is a new line of sleeping bags which we have created to answer the needs of children as well as to meet the high expectations and requirements of their parents. It consists of products which are safe, functional and simply beautiful.

Combining clever solutions with the natural qualities of Merino wool have resulted in an entirely new approach to comfort and the quality of sleep for children of all ages.

We are proud of our sleeping bags which are specially designed for newborns, infants and older children. We are convinced that you will also fall in love with our DreamBags.

An ideal sleeping bag for newborns, infants and older children

Regardless of your child’s developmental stage, our DreamBags were created to answer all their different needs. Each model has been designed to ensure that your little one is free to move, whilst safely snuggled up during sleep. Our products are made of Merino wool, the world’s finest and most unique type of wool. The exceptional softness of this delicate fabric is due to its extra-fine fibres (16 microns), and its high density (260 gsm) is a result of a special weaving technique. Despite its thickness, the fabric remains light and very elastic. In other words, it is ideal for babies and young children!

The exceptional fibres of Merino wool ensure that your child’s skin stays warm and dry. The unique moisture-regulating properties ensure the fabric works efficiently regardless of the season. During hot summer nights, the wool prevents overheating by transporting heat and sweat away from the skin. In the winter time, thousands of tiny air pockets in the fabric of the infant sleeping bag keep your baby warm and comfortable.

Sleeping bags and swaddles for infants

Nature has created the perfect fibre which we have used to develop imaginative products that will help children and their parents enjoy a peaceful night’s sleep. We firmly believe that DreamBag swaddles for infants and sleeping bags for toddlers and older children can make a positive difference by eliminating temperature changes - one of the most common reasons for night waking. The parents, in turn, can relax and rest assured that their little ones stay safely snuggled up and warm.

What makes us even happier is that we offer products which can adapt to children’s changing needs at no cost to the environment! The fibres used in our sleeping bags are natural and biodegradable. We can honestly say that our DreamBags not only provide the most comfortable sleeping conditions for children, but also contribute to a happier planet.

One of a kind

Our design adapts to suit your child’s changing needs, from birth to 7 years of age.  Completely safe and amazingly comfortable. Available in four universal collections.




  • thermoregulating
  • hypoallergenic
  • safe for joints, allows for unrestricted breathing


  • light
  • breathable
  • ergonomic
  • silky soft


  • suitable for all seasons
  • home and travel
  • for boys and girls
  • for sleeping and more...


  • inspired by nature
  • made from natural materials
  • environmentally-friendly


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