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Marsupiale or a Happy Life in the Pouch

The Marsupiale brand was created out of love for sleep and nature. We believe that safe and peaceful sleep is essential for children to stay happy and develop properly. It keeps kids as well as their parents in good mood. When the little ones sleep well, mums and dads can also get a good rest. Happiness is all around!

When we say ALL AROUND, we are not exaggerating. We have created our products with more than just the needs of children and their parents in mind. We have tried our utmost to make them environmentally friendly. This is why we have decided not to use common bedding materials, such as polyester fillings or polar fleece layers. We made our products using organic cotton and Merino wool - the greatest gift of nature.

All the products from our DreamBags line are inspired by nature. Marsupiale sleeping bags are a tribute to the kangaroo pouch, which creates and maintains the ideal conditions after the birth for its little inhabitants. It guarantees a healthy and safe sleep!

Marsupiale products answer the particular needs of babies, toddlers and small children as they progress through the developmental stages. But - first and foremost - they can be used all-year round! They provide cosy warmth during cold winter nights and protect against overheating during hot summers. One product – and you can enjoy your little one’s peaceful sleep, not having to worry about the size or the season.

Isn’t it genius!?