DESIGN 2034pion

Your child’s needs and habits are changing fast – we keep up the pace!

Natural and elastic fabrics are not everything. The sleeping bags with feet made by Marsupiale are, first and foremost, strong on design and focused on key, age-typical needs.

Thanks to the unique peanut shape, HugBag swaddles the baby’s body, creating conditions similar to those experienced in the mum’s tummy.

SleepBag allows for free arm movement, whilst making it possible to regulate the width of the sleeping bag (snap fasteners under the armpits) and to easily strap the baby in a car seat (a small seatbelt opening).

SindBag has been created to specifically address a child’s need to explore, their love to move around, jump, dance, stretch and twist.  Little feet are free to play happily before going to sleep and make it safe for the child to get in and out of bed.

In the SindBag Junior model, the seatbelt opening is replaced by a little pocket for your child’s tiny treasures.

The ergonomic shape of all the sleeping bags guarantees the health and safety of the developing hip joints.

Comfortable to wear, easy to use

All our products contain a diagonal zip. During the first years of life, the diagonal zip allows parents to easily change a nappy. As the little ones become more independent, it helps them use the potty or toilet without the need to take off the sleeping bag. Clever, isn’t it?

DreamBag collections

We have selected beautiful and original colours, which – combined with the animal motifs – resulted in four, universal collections. The magical patterns which add a unique character to Marsupiale products, were hand-painted by Aga Kobylińska, one of the most talented artists of the young generation.

feel the gentle warmth on a frosty, polar morning

a little sea world hideaway

relax under the shade of an oak forest

discover crystal clear waters of the puffin haven