Great potential, little requirements

The good news is that Merino wool doesn’t need to be washed often. Really! Limiting the conditions necessary for the growth of germs which cause unpleasant smells combined with the stain-resistant properties make the fabric stay fresh for a looooong time. To maintain proper hygiene DreamBags can be left to air after each night.

When a wash is needed, there are a few simple rules to make your DreamBag stay as good as new!

Like every Merino wool product, our DreamBags would like you to:

  • use detergents designated for wool or other delicate fabrics
  • zip the bag up, close the snaps and velcros before washing
  • use a delicate cycle (30° Celsius is best)
  • gently shake out the sleeping bag and dry it flat OR tumble dry it on a wool setting

What is Merino wool not fond of?

  • bleaching products or biological washing powders which damage the protective coating on the fibres
  • crusty stains (it’s always better to remove them regularly or to soak the DreamBag prior to the wash)
  • softeners, which coat and clog the fibres. Merino wool stays soft naturally
  • being dried in direct sunlight or on a hot radiator
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