A fibre like no other

Merino wool vs traditional wool

Unlike traditional wool, Merino wool doesn’t irritate the skin! It is delicate and silky soft and lacks the typical smell of traditional wool. That’s why it can be worn very safely next to the delicate skin of babies and small children.

Merino wool vs other natural fibres

Effective moisture management makes Merino wool products much more comfortable to wear in comparison to cotton or bamboo fabrics. The skin always stays warm and dry. Its flame-resistant properties make it a leader as regards safety.

Merino wool vs synthetic fibres

Widely used polar fleece or polyester are nothing but plastic. Fabrics derived from oil are not breathable, the skin sweats underneath causing an unpleasant smell. In the event of fire they melt on the skin exacerbating burns. They are also not biodegradable. A complete opposite to Merino wool.