Snuggle up in Merino wool for a calm and deep sleep!

Constant body temperature
Babies, especially during the first few months of life, are not very good at regulating their body temperature – it can quickly go down in cold rooms and spike up when it’s too warm. Regardless of the season or ambient temperature, Merino wool maintains a pleasant and stable microclimate next to the skin surface.

Moisture isolation
A baby’s skin is often exposed to unwanted moisture. Merino wool doesn’t lose its thermal properties even in the case of accidental leaks. It stays warm even when it’s wet allowing the baby to stay asleep. The moisture is then wicked out by the fibres leaving the skin dry and warm.

The ‘live fibres’ of Merino wool make the fabric very permeable. The skin can breathe which helps prevent prickly heat or unpleasant rashes. The wonderful softness and snug warmth of Merino wool is just another reason why babies and children will love our DreamBags.

Merino wool is the best choice for babies and children with allergies, asthma or atopic skin. The wool repels dust, keeping out allergy-causing dust mites and - thanks to the proper moisture management - effectively prevents the growth of bacteria and fungi. No irritation, no itching, just a peaceful night sleep.

Super powers
This is not a joke - Merino wool is flame-resistant! Unlike other natural fabrics, the moist core of the individual fibres prevents fire from spreading. One more point for Merino wool!

Merino sheep live only in the cleanest and most unspoilt parts of the world. Eco-farming has a direct impact on the quality of the sheep’s wool which is completely free from chemical compounds or substances that can be harmful to skin.